About Anne

Hello! Thought I would edit this so it sounds a little more like me!

Instead of what I had before a total of 4 epic sentences!
Anne Vornbrock is a photographer currently living and working in Japan. She is the 12 inches behind her Canon 7D and her HTC One and uses Photoshop and Snapseed respectively.

Other than photography Anne enjoys being a technophile, playing with her dog, devouring books, and creating her own world in Minecraft. You can check her out on G+ Anne Vornbrock.


While all of that is still true as I re-read it yesterday it sounded, well, dry. Not like me, or not how I think I am. So we shall attempt a little bit more this time around~

So while the four sentences above are true let me add a little meat~ I speak some, not very well, and very casual Japanese, I really need to study more.  I have been in Japan for going on 4 years this November! Time flies, as you get older, not necessarily when you are having fun. I reside in the Chubu region in the Nagoya area. It’s a great halfway point to everything. No matter where I want to go or what I want to do I can reach most of it in under 2 hrs on a train. Definitely recommend it! Come visit! I am currently teaching English here, it’s a job like any other but has some definite perks. If you want to know more about Japan or daily life here let me know and I will work more of it into the blog!

I am still working with the Canon 7D and as much as I love my baby I really want to move up a bit. Why? Full frame, less noise at higher ISOs and when I tried out my friend’s Mark II I fell in love~ With it. Not him. I try to keep my gear updated through the blog and will let you all know when I purchase something I find extremely useful. I will! become a professional! Someday! Or a professional writer… both are dreams that I am taking steps towards~ Give me time I’m working on it, and unfortunately I am one of those people who has to read, study, and try everything to feel accomplished at it. I’m horrible at art, the drawing kind, so right now I am really trying to work on getting that design part, the eye part, of the craft down. As well as reading the light~ Let me rephrase, I want to get better at reading the light. I use Lightroom, Photoshop, and Snapseed. I try not to spend more than at MAX 45 mins on a photo. I figure if I have to spend more than that then I didn’t get it right in camera. (that perfectionist side coming back to bite me)

I am a huge technology nerd. Newest and latest gadget? I WANT IT! Luckily, I don’t have the money to throw around for this habit otherwise I would be buried in the stuff. I am currently loving my HTC, the build can’t be matched and what’s under the hood isn’t something to laugh at either. I have a Hungarian Vizsla, Kouyou (Japanese for “turning red”), who models for me occasionally. Vizslas will be the only breed of dog for me from now on! Once you have a velcro pup you won’t go back. So running, bike rides, days at the park, sometimes it is her who gets me out the door. She will be 8 this year but still acts like she is 2. Yes, I did import her from the states. Got questions? Ask! I read, I read a lot, I read in excessive amounts. Really, I read. Just about anything really. Sci-fi, Fantasy, Horror, Non-Fiction, Bibliographies, Smut(ahem) Romance, anything that looks like it would be mildly interesting I will at least pick up. Some of my favorite authors include Alan Dean Foster, Anne McCaffrey, Joan D. Vinge, Patrick Rothfuss, James Rollins, Michael R Hicks, Scott Kelby, Anne Rice, and Lora Leigh, just to name a few. If you have a good book send it my way! I enjoy video games. Video games for children! So I have a chance of winning, or beating the game. I have still yet to ever beat a Mario game all on my own! Sad, I know. But at least I try! I enjoy Nintendo games and a few “PC” ones like Minecraft. I also enjoy getting lost in the wilds of YouTube even though I may later regret it and constantly scrolling on G+ which I have yet to find something I regret…. *knocks on wood*


There that is a little more filled in~



One thought on “About Anne

  1. Hi! May I ask for your email address? I would like to send an email to ask for permission to use an image published in your site. I hope to hear from you soon. Thank you!


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